A glimpse at the Durham Region Housing Market for April 2018-#whatshappeningwednesdays

Wednesday May 09th, 2018


Episode 2 What's Happening Wednesdays - May 09 2018_ What's Happening in the Housing Market in Durham Region (Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Bowmanville, Scugog and surrounding areas)

with Jennifer Foley, Sales Rep, Remax Rouge River Realty Ltd Brokerage and Faeine Grant, Sales Representative Homelife Glenayre Realty

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Jennifer:    Hey there, Faeine. It's Jennifer here.

Faeine:    Hey, how's it going?

Jennifer:    Good. How are you?

Faeine:    Good. Awesome. Awesome. As you can see, I'm driving here, and, yeah, I'm actually just driving back from taking the floor plan. I had a floor plan technician come to my 11 acre property, new listing that I'm just listing this week. So, it's pretty interesting.

Jennifer:    Oh, cool. So, is he doing floor plans then?

Faeine:    Floor plans, drones, photo modes. It's 11 acres waterfront so very, very beautiful.

Jennifer:    Oh, that's awesome. That's awesome.

Faeine:    Yeah.

Jennifer:    Yeah, awesome.

Faeine:    And what are you doing?

Jennifer:    Well, I'm going to share with you what's been happening in my local market, which is Durham region, which is in Ontario. So, these are all based on the April 2018 real estate board stats, and it looks like year over year, our sales are down about 32%, and the average selling price is down by 12%, but I mean, one good thing, positive thing, out of that is I looked at from March to April what the sale prices were, and, actually, the sales prices are up a little bit. They're-

Faeine:    Oh, wow. Really?

Jennifer:    Yeah, they're up by just over about $10,000. So, the average sale price for April was $609,800, and in March, it was $598,400. So, yeah, we've got just over 10,000 in increase so that's awesome.

Faeine:    Yeah, that's great.

Jennifer:    Durham region still leads the way for affordability and pricing when you look at comparing to all of Greater Toronto area because we're part of the Greater Toronto area.

Faeine:    Sorry. Just running into traffic. Can you just clarify the Durham region area? What does that deal with exactly?

Jennifer:    So, Durham region is quite large, and it encompasses a number of different towns and cities, but it's the municipality of Durham region. So, Durham region, again, I'm probably going to leave a few towns and cities out not on purpose, but just to name a few of them ... Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Carleton, which is Bowmanville, Newcastle, Uxbridge, Scugog. So, those are the areas, which-

Faeine:    Wow.

Jennifer:    Yeah, which it covers. So, it's quite a large area, and actually, one other interesting thing that I just learned this past week is that Durham region was actually ranked one of the top 25 best cities to buy real estate in for 2018.

Faeine:    Oh, wow.

Jennifer:    So, if you or any of your colleagues out there in BC have anybody that wants to invest in Durham region, then certainly it's a hot spot to be buying in.

Faeine:    That's awesome. That's awesome. Well, thank you so much for sharing that. That's great.

Jennifer:    Yeah. So, I look forward to talking to you next week and-

Faeine:    Yeah.

Jennifer:    Yeah, have a great day, and keep on selling.

Faeine:    Yeah, keep on selling.

Jennifer:    All right.

Faeine:    Bye.

Jennifer:    Will talk to you again.

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