Unusual but Important Considerations When Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Monday May 6th, 2024


Most people know that choosing the right neighborhood is one of the most important aspects of a great lifestyle. When buying a new home, this becomes even more important. While everyone knows that property values, safety, schools, and commute ranks high in importance, there are some considerations that are not commonly thought about in advance yet make a huge impact on satisfaction. · Vibrant Community and Social Scene – While some people are looking for a quiet life in the... [read more]

6 Strategies to Save on Home Insurance Premiums

Tuesday Apr 2nd, 2024


From extreme cold to wildfires and floods, the past few years have brought a historic number of devastating climate and weather events to Canada. These disasters triggered a huge influx of home insurance claims, and analysts expect the increase in both catastrophes and claims to continue.[1,2]   Adding to the problem, construction labour and supply costs have risen, making it more expensive to repair affected homes. Consequently, home insurance rates have surged: In 2024, My Choice... [read more]

You Can Win Whether You’re A Buyer Or Seller

Wednesday Mar 27th, 2024


Market shifts may happen, but trust us you can win whether you're a buyer or seller! Here's how:   For Buyers: Stay Informed: Keep a close eye on market trends, interest rates, and inventory levels to make informed decisions. Get Pre-Approved: Secure financing early to strengthen your offer and demonstrate your seriousness as a buyer. Be Flexible: Stay open to exploring different neighborhoods, property types, and financing options to find the right fit. Act... [read more]

A Look Inside A Real Estate Agents Day

Thursday Mar 21st, 2024


Ready for a glimpse behind the scenes? From morning coffee to evening paperwork, every day is a unique blend of client meetings, property tours, and navigating the exciting twists of the real estate journey. 6:00 AM - ☕ Morning Fuel: Energizing for the day with a cup of coffee, starts by scanning market updates and responding to early emails. 8:00 AM - 🚗 Property Tour: Heading out to preview homes, assess neighborhoods, and gather insights to better guide clients. 12:00 PM -... [read more]

Why Is Spring Called Selling Season

Friday Mar 1st, 2024


Unlocking the Secrets of Spring: The Prime Real Estate Selling Season Explained Springtime is universally recognized as the peak season for real estate transactions, often referred to as the "selling season." This period is characterized by a flurry of activity in the real estate market, with an influx of buyers and sellers eager to make their move. But what exactly makes spring the ideal time for buying and selling homes? In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons behind... [read more]

Elevate Your Space with DIY Love and Personalized Creativity!

Monday Feb 12th, 2024


Fuel your love for DIY and transform your new home into a personalized haven! 🏡❤️ From easy hacks to stylish upgrades, we've got the inspiration you need. Let's turn your house into a masterpiece of love and creativity! 🛠️💖 Here are some DIY tips to personalize and enhance your new home: Gallery Wall of Memories: Create a visually striking gallery wall with your favorite photos, artwork, and memorabilia. Mix and match frames for an eclectic touch, telling the... [read more]

Upgrade Your Home With These 2024 Design Trends

Friday Feb 2nd, 2024


One of the best parts of owning a home is the freedom to make it truly your own with design choices that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Whether you lean toward contemporary design or a farmhouse aesthetic, your home is your canvas. To help inspire your design choices, we’ve rounded up some of the top trends we’re watching in 2024. Keep in mind, not all of these will work well in every house. If you plan to list or renovate your property, give us a call. We can help you... [read more]

Pet-Friendly Properties – How to Find the Right Home for You and Your Furry Friends

Monday Jan 15th, 2024

Pet-Friendly Properties – How to Find the Right Home for You and Your Furry Friends

Our pets are an important part of our family. No longer are our pups relegated to the backyard dog run or our birds stuck in their cages. Our animals are cherished members of the household and love to be where we are. As a result, our homes must provide the comfort and safety needed to care for our animals. Finding a pet-friendly home means paying attention to the features and amenities that will ensure your animals’ comfort and safety. For dog owners, seek homes with outdoor spaces... [read more]

Buyer’s “Love Letters” – Should You Read Them When Selling Your Home?

Tuesday Aug 1st, 2023

Buyers Love Letters

Selling a home can be an emotional experience. As the seller, you want to make sure that the buyer loves the home as much as you do and will take care of it. In other words, you’re looking for the perfect buyer with the perfect offer. Home buyers understand this, and in the recent seller’s market, some buyers have written heartfelt letters to the sellers about how much they love the home, hoping it will tip the scales in their direction. But as a seller, making decisions based on... [read more]

Additional Criteria When Hiring a Listing Agent

Friday Jan 27th, 2023


Most sellers spend a long time considering whether they should sell their home. These same people who have considered all the financial and personal pros and cons of moving hire the first real estate agent they like. While certainly it’s important to find an agent you can communicate with, the right agent brings more than a pleasant demeanor to the transaction and it’s critical to choose the right one.   Before signing with the nice agent who stopped by the community... [read more]

Dark-Sky Ordinances – What It Means To A Homeowner

Tuesday Jan 24th, 2023


Dark-sky ordinances are popping up across the country. The movement started when a few amateur astronomers realized that urban lights were blotting out the stars, causing a disruption in sleep for both wildlife and humans alike. This nocturnal light pollution hurts the environment and affects the feeding, mating, and living patterns of local wildlife.   To combat this effect, more and more communities are adopting dark-sky ordinances designed to limit the negative impact of... [read more]

Can You Fire Your Real Estate Agent

Friday Jan 20th, 2023


Buying or selling a home can be a stressful situation. When you are having issues with your agent, it can become untenable. The most common complaint from clients is that their agent does not communicate with them enough and aren’t responsive to their needs. While all relationships can have differences, how do you know if it’s time to fire your real estate agent?   If the relationship has reached the point where it’s unproductive, it’s typically better for... [read more]

How to Price Your Home to Sell in a Softening Market

Tuesday Jan 17th, 2023


The summer selling season has come. Unfortunately, those home sellers who were looking forward to sky-high prices and multiple offers may be disappointed to find the market softening. In a declining market, pricing a home becomes critical to success. Pricing your home in a softening market The first step is to realize the market has changed. Buyers will not overpay for a home in an uncertain market. Whereas just a few months ago it might have made sense to “test the market”... [read more]

5 Tips for Writing a Winning Offer in this Market

Friday Jan 13th, 2023


Everyone recognizes that this is a difficult housing market for homebuyers. With inventory shortages and low interest rates, buyers have seen a face-paced market with strong growth in home prices. As interest rates begin to rise, the pressure for buyers to settle on a new home and lock in their rate is even stronger.   With so many buyers vying for the same property, it’s important to write the best offer right up front. Here are 5 tips to help you write a strong... [read more]

2022 Real Estate Technology Innovations

Tuesday Jan 10th, 2023


Real estate is changing at a rapid pace and each year brings innovations to the industry. Pushed forward by thought leaders, the real estate industry embraces advancement of products and services quickly, all designed to stay ahead of the competition.   Here are a few tech trends for 2022 that are having people talking.   · Immersive AR/VR for Property Touring – The pandemic forced a drastic change in the way agents marketed and showed properties to... [read more]

10 Most Common Home Buyer Questions

Friday Jan 6th, 2023


Buying a new home is exciting and confusing. There are a lot of steps to buying a home, and people have questions. These are the most common questions home buyers have, and the answers.   1. How do I get started? – The first step is to speak with a lender and get a pre-approval. This will tell you, and potential sellers, how much you can afford.   2. How long does it take to close on a home? – Typically, it takes about 30-45 days once contracts are signed to... [read more]

How To Downsize Your House

Tuesday Jan 3rd, 2023


Downsizing your house can be a great way to declutter your life, save money on bills and maintenance, and simplify your living situation. Here are some steps you can take to downsize your house: Start by decluttering: The first step in downsizing is to get rid of things you don't use or need. Go through each room and ask yourself if you really need each item. If the answer is no, consider donating, selling, or tossing it. Make a list of your must-haves: As you declutter,... [read more]

Is My House Up to Code?

Friday Dec 30th, 2022


Building codes change over time and for people who have owned their homes for a long time, they may not know if their home is out of code and if so, does it matter.   Building codes and violations from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and focus on issues that can affect the safety of the dwelling and its occupants. A home that’s “up to code” may answer the questions:   · Does the home have fire escapes and exits?   · Are plumbing... [read more]

6 DIY Home Projects That Could Kill Your Home Value

Tuesday Dec 27th, 2022


Weekend TV lineups are filled with Do-It-Yourself home improvement programs. One home inspector used to call the results “six-pack projects.” While not all DIY projects end in disaster, some projects can harm home sales because buyers see these “improvements” as changes they will need to make once they buy the house. If you are planning to sell soon, it’s important to realize that potential buyers may not be as impressed with your handiwork as you... [read more]

Should I Move For My Job?

Friday Dec 23rd, 2022


The question of moving for a new job is not uncommon. In the past few years, more and more companies are moving their entire operations out of high-tax states to those more business-friendly. Possible work-from-home options further complicate the decision to move with your company. So, should you move when your company does?   Things to Consider Before You Move for Your Company   · Career Growth – One of the biggest reasons to stay with your job through a move... [read more]

Tips for Buying Land for a Tiny or Prefab Home

Tuesday Dec 20th, 2022


Prefabricated homes have become very popular in recent years as more and more people look for creative ways to build their home environment. These homes can take the form of a tiny house, manufactured home, or Airstream. The demand for vacant land has increased exponentially over the past few years.   Yet, finding the right piece of property involves more than remote driveways and beautiful views. Not all land can accommodate full-time, or even part-time, living. There are important... [read more]

Small Changes That Make Any Room Cozier

Friday Dec 16th, 2022


In previous decades, a warm, cozy home required dark colors and heavy materials. One can envision sitting in front of a roaring fire in a dark room filled with pillows and wood paneling. Contemporary homes are brighter, with clean lines and light colors and textures. The challenge is how to create an inviting, cozy space that everyone wants during the cooler months. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to choose between the claustrophobic styles of the past and warm inviting... [read more]

How to Use Comps to Price Your Home Correctly

Tuesday Dec 13th, 2022


The most important aspect of listing your home for sales is the asking price. Unlike many other items we purchase, home prices are based on what a willing and able buyer would pay for the property. Sounds complicated, right? This is why real estate agents bring comps ( short for comparable properties) information with them to the discussion. Yet are you using the right comps to successfully sell your home?   The idea is to gather information about comparable properties that have sold... [read more]

Get Rid of Unwelcome Critters

Friday Dec 9th, 2022


Most people have heard that annoying sound – a mouse running through the wall or in the rafters of the garage. Often these problems can be solved quickly by luring them out and plugging the openings they entered through. But what if the unwanted animals are in your chimney? With the colder weather, an evening by a warm fire sounds wonderful, but you may find that a family of critters has moved in and needs to be evicted before using.   Animals love to nest in chimneys,... [read more]

Are Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Making a Comeback?

Tuesday Dec 6th, 2022


Homebuyers have had a rough time lately. First, the frenzied housing market stymied so many offers and caused frustration due to lack of inventory. Now that the pace and prices are starting to drop, interest rates have ticked up to alarming levels. While some buyers are postponing their purchase, those still in the market are starting to consider more creative financing, including an ARM (Adjustable-Rate Mortgage).   What is an ARM? Unlike a 30-fixed mortgage, as the name... [read more]

Home for the Holidays: How To Stretch Your Budget in a Season of Inflation

Thursday Dec 1st, 2022


You don't have to break the bank to celebrate the holidays in style—even in this season of inflation. Prices may be higher on everything from food to gifts to decorations, but there are still plenty of opportunities to eke out extra savings.   For example, you can trim your energy bills by up to 20% just by sealing air leaks in your home.1 Other small fixes—such as swapping old light bulbs for LEDs and plugging electronics into a powerstrip—can boost your... [read more]

Organize Your Garage

Tuesday Nov 29th, 2022


Don’t wait for spring to do some deep cleaning. Winter is coming and fall is a great time to prepare your home against the harsh winter conditions and hazards it can bring. A clean garage will not only help you store outdoor items from the cold, wet weather but can provide insight into your home’s condition.   Here are a few great reasons why you should clean out your garage this weekend:   • Organize Things You Need – Over the year, some things may... [read more]

Home Improvements During Labor Shortage

Friday Nov 25th, 2022


Tight labor markets are affecting industries across the country. Skilled and unskilled jobs remain unfilled as employers struggle to find prospective employees. For anyone ready to hire a contractor or handyman to perform home improvement projects, this shortage is causing frustration. As more people embrace the “staycation” and seek ways to upgrade their homes, many are finding few tradesmen to even come to provide estimates, much less schedule the work.   If you are... [read more]

What Does Pending Sale Mean?

Tuesday Nov 22nd, 2022


Buying a home is a process. Once a buyer writes an offer and has it accepted, the listing is placed in a state called “pending sale.” During this stage, the principals involved perform all the elements of the contract, and once complete, the title is transferred to the new owner.   Sounds simple, but this stage can become incredibly stressful if the contract milestones are not met on time, or if problems are uncovered. Typically, a home sale outlines the term for escrow... [read more]

Homebuyer Compromises

Friday Nov 18th, 2022


First-time homebuyers are struggling to find affordable housing. Unlike recent years when inventory was high and finding a great home was easier, now buyers are faced with either postponing homeownership or making compromises. It may feel hard to compromise, but it’s important to remember that this is your first home, not your dream home.   If you are faced with making decisions about what to give up when buying a home, here are 3 compromises that make sense, and 6 things not... [read more]

Home Décor Goes Back to the Future

Tuesday Nov 15th, 2022


It was only a matter of time until home designers looked to the 1980s for inspiration. Showrooms are looking more like a TV set of the Golden Girls rather than the bland, gray-toned backdrops of the past few years. Color, shapes, and playfulness are making a comeback. Bringing rooms back to life is the theme for this design trend.   What’s New?   • Round Shapes – Gone are the sharp edges and squared-off furniture. Round tables, sofas, and chairs are making... [read more]

Seller Pricing for a Slowing Market

Tuesday Nov 8th, 2022


An unexpected byproduct of the pandemic has been a booming housing market. As Covid-19 hit the country, the housing supply was already low, and the lockdown depressed the volume even more. As more homebuyers began looking for new homes, fueled by the ability to work-from-home and low interest rates, sellers have been experiencing a strong seller’s market.   As we end 2021, however, signs may start to point to a market slowdown. Interest rates are starting to rise, and the... [read more]

Short-Term vs Long-Term Rentals

Friday Nov 4th, 2022


Over the past few years, there has been a lot of excitement about owning a short-term rental as part of an investment portfolio. This marks a dramatic change from the traditional long-term rental model. As more travelers utilize vacation rentals instead of hotel chains for their trips, you may be wondering if owning a short-term rental may be the right situation for your needs.   Short-term rentals have caused a stir in many communities. Many full-time homeowners do not like having... [read more]

7 Tips to Maximize Your Home’s Sale Price

Tuesday Nov 1st, 2022


  Over the past few years, a real estate buying frenzy bid up home prices to eye-popping amounts. However, as mortgage rates have risen, buyer demand has cooled.1 Consequently, home sellers who enter the market today may need to reset their expectations.   The reality is, it’s no longer enough to stick a “for sale” sign in the yard and wait for buyers to bang down the door. If you want to net the most money possible for your property in today’s market,... [read more]

After the Home Inspection – What’s Really Important?

Friday Oct 28th, 2022


An important part of the home buying process is having a professional home inspection. Even homes listed “as is” should have an inspection if only to understand what “as is” means. A comprehensive home inspection will examine all major systems, such as heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing. The inspector will also look for signs of water intrusion and check the roof for leads or wear and tear.   Once the inspection is complete, the home buyer will receive... [read more]

4 Things Sellers Need to Know about Backup Offers

Tuesday Oct 25th, 2022


It’s no secret that most of the country is currently experiencing a strong seller’s market. Yet even in this competitive environment, almost 25% of all escrows fall through before closing. Home inspections, appraisal surprises, and loan approvals are just a few of the issues which can arise, causing the buyer to pull out of the deal.   An essential component of any listing strategy should be a good backup offer, meaning that another buyer is willing to step in and close... [read more]

Can’t Sell Your Home in a Seller’s Market?

Friday Oct 21st, 2022


It’s no secret that most of the country is experiencing a strong seller’s market. With more homebuyers than inventory, most sellers have been delighted to sell quickly and often with multiple offers. Yet, some homes are still sitting on the market and these sellers may be wondering why.   Here are 7 reasons why your home listing is not selling:   1. Overconfidence – While many homes are being snapped up on day one, this does not mean you can avoid the... [read more]

Thinking about Refinancing?

Friday Oct 14th, 2022


Tune in to the radio or watch TV in the evening and you’ll be bombarded with commercials offering incredibly low interest rates to refinance your home. These rates may sound enticing, and you may be wondering if it’s time to refinance your home loan. While refinancing can make financial sense in some situations, not everyone will benefit.   Most people consider refinancing to lower their interest rate. Even a slight change in the interest rate may add up to significant... [read more]

Affordable Style Updates To Do This Weekend

Thursday Oct 13th, 2022


Just because your budget is feeling the pinch with rising food and energy costs doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. Ditch the big investment purchase ideas and try some simple updates that will change the look and feel of any room quickly and for a lot less than a new couch.   Five Affordable Updates to do this Weekend 1. DIY Pastel Art – Freshen up your room with pastels without the big investment. Take a simple canvas from the craft store, prime it with white... [read more]

September 2022 Northumberland County Monthly Market Update

Friday Oct 7th, 2022


Overview In September, 2022, we have seen 282 properties listed which has resulted in a 40.30% increase from September, 2021 in which 201 properties were listed; We have seen a year to date volume of 2330 in 2022 and 2085 in 2021 resulting in an 11.75% increase. In September, 2022, we have seen a total volume of 116 sold properties which has resulted in a 39.90% decrease from September, 2021 in which 193 listings were sold; We have seen a year to date volume of 1183 in 2022 and 1608 in... [read more]

September 2022 Durham Region Monthly Market Update

Thursday Oct 6th, 2022


Overview In September, 2022, we have seen 1.26K properties listed which has resulted in a 7.21% decrease from September, 2021 in which 1.36K properties were listed; We have seen a year to date volume of 16.2K in 2022 and 16.1K in 2021 resulting in a 0.12% increase.   In September, 2022, we have seen a total volume of 672 sold properties which has resulted in a 35.38% decrease from September, 2021 in which 1040 listings were sold; We have seen a year to date volume of 8592 in 2022... [read more]

What Are Your Real Estate Goals?

Thursday Oct 6th, 2022


Invariably, the first time you meet or speak to your real estate agent, the same prompt starts the conversation: “tell me about yourself and your real estate goals.” Seems simple enough to answer. “I need more space” or “I’m ready to downsize” are common answers.   While these answers may be at the heart of the decision for change, they neglect to provide the concrete data your agent needs to identify the right prospective homes. This in turn... [read more]

Seller’s Guide to Buyer Contigencies

Thursday Oct 6th, 2022


Every news article talks about the fact that it’s a “seller’s market.” This means that if you are selling your home, you’ve probably gotten a few offers from which to choose. While sales price is important, so are the contingencies attached to the offer. Understanding what these contingencies mean can help you choose the best offer from the pack.   5 Most Common Contingencies   1. Home Inspection Contingency – This allows the buyer the... [read more]

Fall and Holiday Décor Listing Tips

Thursday Oct 6th, 2022


If you have your home on the market, it’s natural to want to create the perfect environment for potential homebuyers. This includes not only professional staging services but also time-honored tips like freshly baked treats and seasonal décor. As we transition from summer to the holiday season, however, it’s interesting to note that fall decorating is the least appreciated by home visitors.   The cinnamon scents and pumpkin-everything that greets the senses in... [read more]

Buy Now or Rent Longer? 5 Questions to Answer Before Purchasing Your First Home

Monday Oct 3rd, 2022


Deciding whether to jump into the housing market or rent instead is rarely an easy decision – especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. But in today’s whirlwind market, you may find it particularly challenging to pinpoint the best time to start exploring homeownership.    A real estate boom during the pandemic pushed home prices to an all-time high. Add higher mortgage rates to the mix, and some would-be buyers are wondering if they should wait to see if... [read more]

Hunting for a New Home? Don’t Wait Until Saturday!

Tuesday Sep 27th, 2022


House hunting has become a contact sport over the past year. The idealized vision of a leisurely Saturday morning reviewing open houses and plotting the day’s tours over lattes and croissants is a thing of the past. While popping into the local open house might be fun for the casual looker, if you are serious about finding your next home, this climate demands strategy.   First and most importantly, know exactly what you need and want in a new home. Then share this vision in... [read more]

Inflation is Rising – Should I Still Buy a Home?

Friday Sep 23rd, 2022


World events and government spending has led to soaring inflation. The Federal Reserve has only one tool in its arsenal to curb and reduce this trend – raising interest rates. While contemporary home buyers are accustomed to interest rates in the 2-4%, older homeowners remember being excited to get one as low as 8%. As yet, we have no indication such a drastic increase is necessary, home mortgage interest rates are creeping up and potential home buyers may be asking if they should still... [read more]

August 2022 Durham Region Monthly Market Update

Friday Sep 16th, 2022


Overview In August, 2022, we have seen 1.37K properties listed which has resulted in a 12.62% increase from August, 2021 in which 1.21K properties were listed; We have seen a year to date volume of 14.9K in 2022 and 14.8K in 2021 resulting in a 0.80% increase.   In August, 2022, we have seen a total volume of 810 sold properties which has resulted in a 25.48% decrease from August, 2021 in which 1087 listings were sold; We have seen a year to date volume of 7924 in 2022 and 11303... [read more]

August 2022 Northumberland County Monthly Market Update

Friday Sep 16th, 2022


Overview In August, 2022, we have seen 276 properties listed which has resulted in a 42.27% increase from August, 2021 in which 194 properties were listed; We have seen a year to date volume of 2048 in 2022 and 1884 in 2021 resulting in an 8.70% increase.   In August, 2022, we have seen a total volume of 121 sold properties which has resulted in a 24.84% decrease from August, 2021 in which 161 listings were sold; We have seen a year to date volume of 1066 in 2022 and 1415 in 2021... [read more]

Home Fire Abatement Tips for Any Location

Friday Sep 16th, 2022


Doesn’t it seem like it’s always fire season? Local, national, and even international news is filled with forest fires and dangerously hot weather. Once considered the isolated problem of a few western states, climate change has brought fire danger to locations never previously affected. For homeowners, the expanded danger means utilizing fire abatement strategies is no longer optional and could mean the difference between surviving a fire and losing everything.   Fire... [read more]

Building Equity With a Home Improvement Plan

Tuesday Sep 13th, 2022


Your home is typically the largest financial investment you’ll ever make. Over time, we expect the equity to increase through increasing property values and a decreasing mortgage balance. While homeowners recognize the need to maintain the home in good condition, one of the best ways to maximize your home equity is to create a plan for ongoing improvements and updates.   Often the interest in a remodeling project results from either an unexpected windfall or financing for a... [read more]

8 Strategies to Secure a Lower Mortgage Rate

Wednesday Sep 7th, 2022


Interest rates have risen rapidly this year, triggered by the Bank of Canada’s efforts to curb inflation. And the July MNP Consumer Debt Index found that 59% of Canadians “are already feeling the effects of interest rate increases.”     Why has the impact been so widespread? In part, due to the rising popularity of variable rate mortgages. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, in the latter half of last year, the majority of mortgage... [read more]

Homeownership is a Great Hedge Against Inflation

Tuesday Aug 9th, 2022


Over the past couple of months, the news of rising inflation is fueling concern across the country. Currently, inflation is at a 40-year high. This is impacting household budgets the most as families try to make ends meet with less buying power. For potential home buyers, rising interest rates may cause worry that you will not be able to afford the home you want. While these are all valid concerns, for those who are still able to finance a home, homeownership is one of the best... [read more]

July 2022 Monthly Market Update

Friday Aug 5th, 2022


Overview In July, 2022, we have seen 1.54K properties listed which has resulted in a 15.54% increase from July, 2021 in which 1.33K properties were listed; We have seen a year to date volume of 13.5K in 2022 and 13.6K in 2021 resulting in a 0.26% decrease. In July, 2022, we have seen a total volume of 710 sold properties which has resulted in a 34.92% decrease from July, 2021 in which 1091 listings were sold; We have seen a year to date volume of 7100 in 2022 and 10216 in 2021... [read more]

10 Pro Tips for a Smooth Home Move

Monday Aug 1st, 2022


The process of buying a new home can be both exhilarating and exhausting. But the journey doesn’t stop when you close on your property. On the contrary, you still have quite a bit to do before you can begin the process of settling into your new place. Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything in a day. You don’t have to do it all alone, either. When you work with us to sell or purchase a home, you’ll have an ally by your side long after your transaction has... [read more]

What’s Your Home Buying Power?

Friday Jul 22nd, 2022


If you’re in the market for a new home or investment property, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask is, “What can we afford?” Many buyers become so caught up in how much they can afford that they don’t realize their total buying power—that is, the total amount of purchasing potential they actually have.   Buying Power Defined Your buying power is comprised of the total amount of money you have available each month for a mortgage... [read more]

Serious About Selling? 5 Steps to Make Your Home the Best on the Block

Thursday Jul 14th, 2022


We all want to be good neighbors. But when it comes to selling your home, it’s not just about “keeping up with the Joneses.” It’s about outshining them at every opportunity! If you’re looking to sell your home fast and for the most money possible, you’ll need a strategy to set it apart from all the other listings competing for buyers in your area. That’s why we’ve outlined our proven, five-step plan for serious sellers. Use these five... [read more]

June 2022 Monthly Market Update

Wednesday Jul 6th, 2022


Overview In June, 2022, we have seen 2.06K properties listed which has resulted in a 19.64% increase from June, 2021 in which 1.72K properties were listed; We have seen a year to date volume of 12.0K in 2022 and 12.2K in 2021 resulting in a 1.98% decrease. In June, 2022, we have seen a total volume of 946 sold properties which has resulted in a 32.81% decrease from June, 2021 in which 1408 listings were sold; We have seen a year to date volume of 6376 in 2022 and 9125 in 2021 resulting... [read more]

7 Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Friday Jul 1st, 2022


No matter what’s going on in the housing market, the process of selling a home can be challenging. Some sellers have a hard time saying goodbye to a treasured family residence. Others want to skip ahead to the fun of decorating and settling in a new place. Almost all sellers want to make the most money possible. Whatever your circumstances, the road to the closing table can be riddled with obstacles — from issues with showings and negotiations to inspection surprises. But many... [read more]

Happy Canada Day

Friday Jul 1st, 2022


Excited for the long weekend? Here's a list of things to do in Durham Region & Northumberland County this Canada Day Weekend.      City of Oshawa  Canada Day takes place at Lakeview Park on Friday July 1, 2022. The event kicks off at 2:00 p.m. and wraps up with fireworks at 10 p.m. The event is set to include a midway, inflatables, a mobile art bus, live music and interactive family entertainment.     Town of... [read more]

May 2022 Durham Region Monthly Housing Update

Saturday Jun 4th, 2022


In May, 2022, we have seen 2.35K properties listed which has resulted in an 11.57% increase from May, 2021 in which 2.11K properties were listed; We have seen a year to date volume of 9.94K in 2022 and 10.5K in 2021 resulting in a 5.51% decrease. In May, 2022, we have seen a total volume of 1.05K sold properties which has resulted in a 36.60% decrease from May, 2021 in which 1.66K listings were sold; We have seen a year to date volume of 5.42K in 2022 and 7.72K in 2021 resulting in a... [read more]

Higher Rates and Short Supply: The State of Real Estate in 2022

Wednesday Jun 1st, 2022


Canada's housing market hit a boiling point last year as homebuyers clambered for real estate in regions with significantly more demand than supply. But now that homeowners and buyers alike are feeling the pinch of rising interest rates and record inflation, the market appears to finally be simmering down. That, in turn, could create a welcome opening for shoppers to be more selective with their searches. However, buyers hoping for a major downturn in prices may be left disappointed.... [read more]

April 2022 Durham Region Monthly Housing Update

Wednesday May 18th, 2022


In April 2022, we have seen 2.42K properties listed which has resulted in a 0.70% decrease from April 2021 in which 2.44K properties were listed; We have seen a year-to-date volume of 7.59K in 2022 and 8.41K in 2021 resulting in a 9.79% decrease. In April 2022, we have seen a total volume of 1.12K sold properties which has resulted in a 36.99% decrease from April 2021 in which 1.78K listings were sold; We have seen a year-to-date volume of 4.36K in 2022 and 6.06K in 2021 resulting in a... [read more]

5 Ways to Write a Winning Offer in Today’s Real Estate Market

Friday May 13th, 2022


Our nation is in the midst of a shifting real estate market. But even as the buying frenzy begins to slow, many properties are still receiving multiple offers.1So what’s the best way to compete as a buyer–especially if you’re wary about overpaying? While a high offer price gets attention, most sellers consider a variety of factors when evaluating an offer. With that in mind, here are five tactics you can utilize to sweeten your proposal and outshine your... [read more]

March 2022 Durham Region Monthly Housing Update

Friday Apr 8th, 2022


March 2022 Durham Region Monthly Housing Update   In March 2022, we have seen 2.57K properties listed which have resulted in a 12.57% decrease from March 2021 in which 2.94K properties were listed; We have seen a year-to-date volume of 5.16K in 2022 and 5.98K in 2021 resulting in a 13.61% decrease.     I. Monthly New Listing  March - 2022: There were 2.57K new listings, a 12.57% decrease from March 2021 March - 2021: There were 2.94K new... [read more]

Seller’s Checklist: A Timeline to Prep Your Home for Sale

Friday Apr 1st, 2022


We’re still in a seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean your home is guaranteed to easily sell.1 If you want to maximize your sale price, it’s still important to prepare your home before putting it on the market. Start by connecting with your real estate agent as soon as possible. Having the eyes and ears of an insightful real estate professional on your side can help you boost your home’s appeal to buyers. What’s more, beginning the preparation process... [read more]

Hedge Against Inflation With These 3 Real Estate Investment Types

Tuesday Mar 1st, 2022


Hedge Against Inflation With These 3 Real Estate Investment Types   The annual inflation rate in Canada is currently around 5.1%—the highest it’s been in 30 years.1 It doesn’t matter if you’re a cashier, lawyer, plumber, or retiree; if you spend Canadian dollars, inflation impacts you. Economists expect the effects of inflation, like a higher cost of goods, to continue.2 Luckily, an investment in real estate can ease some of the financial strain.... [read more]

8 Popular Home Design Features for 2022

Tuesday Feb 1st, 2022


There’s a lot to consider when selling your home, from market conditions and appraisals to where you’ll go next. Don’t forget, however, the importance of design. It’s often one of the first things buyers notice when they walk into a home, and it’s also a detail that you, as a seller, can easily control. According to Realtor.ca’s 2022 housing market forecast, October of 2021 saw record home sales.1 Even with the pandemic igniting new restrictions in some... [read more]

December 2021 Durham Region Monthly Housing Update

Tuesday Jan 4th, 2022


December 2021 Durham Region Monthly Housing Update   In December 2021, we have seen 608 properties listed which have resulted in a 7.46% decrease from December 2020 in which 657 properties were listed; we have seen a year-to-date value of 19048 in 2021 and 17584 in 2020 resulting in an 8.33% increase. In December 2021, we have seen a total value of 646 sold properties which has resulted in a 13.98% decrease from December 2020 in which 751 listings were sold; we have... [read more]

A Return to ‘Normal’? The State of Real Estate in 2022

Tuesday Jan 4th, 2022


A Return to ‘Normal’? The State of Real Estate in 2022 Last year was one for the real estate history books. The pandemic helped usher in a buying frenzy that led to a record number of home sales and a historically-high rate of appreciation, as prices soared by a national average of 19.9% year over year, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.1 There were signs in the second quarter that the red-hot housing market was beginning to simmer down. In June, the pace of... [read more]

November 2021 Durham Region Monthly Housing Update

Wednesday Dec 8th, 2021


November 2021 Durham Region Monthly Housing Update   In November 2021, we have seen 1.09K properties listed which has resulted in a 0.36% decrease from November, 2020 in which 1.10K properties were listed; we have seen a year-to-date value of 18.4K in 2021 and 16.9K in 2020 resulting in an 8.90% increase.     In November 2021, we have seen a total value of 976 sold properties which has resulted in a 12.54% decrease from November 2020 in which 1116 listings... [read more]

20 Unique Home Gifts for Every Person on Your List

Wednesday Dec 1st, 2021


20 Unique Home Gifts for Every Person on Your List   Every year, it seems the holidays sneak up on us—and every year, that brings with it the dreaded last-minute gift panic. Finding a present that hits all the right notes can be surprisingly stressful, even when it comes to people you’ve known for years.   But have no fear! We’ve lined up a list of gifts for every “type” on your list. And since we work in real estate, they’re all centred... [read more]

New Build or Existing Home: Which One Is Right for You?

Tuesday Nov 2nd, 2021


Homebuyers today are facing a huge dilemma. There simply aren’t enough homes for sale.1 Nationwide, the number of newly listed homes dipped slightly in September, down 1.6% from August. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, that’s only about 2.1 months of inventory, which is far less than the five to six months that is generally needed to strike a healthy balance between supply and demand.2 Given the limited number of available properties, if you’re a buyer... [read more]

Shut Down Home Intruders With These 7 Safety Strategies

Friday Oct 1st, 2021


Shut Down Home Intruders With These 7 Safety Strategies   A break and enter occurs every 90 seconds in Canada.1 Fortunately, there are some proven tactics you can use to decrease your likelihood of a home invasion. Most burglars won’t go to extreme lengths to enter your home. They are looking for easy access with minimal risk. A monitored security system can be an effective deterrent—homes without one are 300% more likely to be burglarized—but it isn’t the... [read more]

9 Tips for Buying and Selling Your Home at the Same Time

Thursday Sep 2nd, 2021


9 Tips for Buying and Selling Your Home at the Same Time   Selling your home when you still need to shop for a new one can feel daunting to even the most seasoned homeowner––especially when the demand for new homes keeps rising, but the supply feels like it's dwindling.¹ You're not alone either if you're already feeling drained by the complex logistics of trying to sell and buy a new home all at once. Searching for a new home can be exciting, but many... [read more]

Problems Selling in a Seller's Market

Wednesday Aug 25th, 2021


Can’t Sell Your Home in a Seller’s Market? It’s no secret that most of the country is experiencing a strong seller’s market. With more homebuyers than inventory, most sellers have been delighted to sell quickly and often with multiple offers. Yet, some homes are still sitting on the market and these sellers may be wondering why. Here are 6 reasons why your home listing is not selling: 1. Overconfidence – While many homes are being snapped up... [read more]

5 Factors That Reveal Where The Real Estate Market Is Really Headed

Monday Aug 2nd, 2021


In a July release, the Canadian Real Estate Association reported that home sales had fallen for three months in a row after reaching an all-time high in March.1 So could one of the world’s hottest real estate markets finally be headed for a downturn? We wouldn’t bet on it. That’s because even though sales have slowed, it was still the strongest June on record—and 13% higher than last year.1 "Don't be fooled — this is still an extremely strong level... [read more]

Are You Being Represented by a “Yes-Agent”?

Monday Jul 26th, 2021

Are You Being Represented by a “Yes-Agent”?

We all know the type. The person who just says “yes” to anything, never challenging or questioning an opinion or strategy. These people-pleasers agree with anything suggested; while they may be nice friends, in real estate a yes-man or yes-woman can actually cost you money. Often a lot of money. No one likes to leave money on the table, but having an agent who doesn’t challenge unrealistic expectations is not serving the client. So, how can you spot these yes-agents? These... [read more]

What does $2.3million buy you in Abbotsford, BC And What does $850,000 buy you in Oshawa, On

Friday Jul 2nd, 2021


EP 9 - THE JENN AND FAEINE SHOW  What does $2.3 million buy you in Abbotsford, BC and What does $850,000 buy you in Oshawa, On?   <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/PaPYAi65Cmg" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>   Today on this... [read more]

How to Bridge the Appraisal Gap in Today’s Real Estate Market

Thursday Jul 1st, 2021


How to Bridge the Appraisal Gap in Today’s Real Estate Market     If you’re searching for drama, don’t limit yourself to Netflix. Instead, tune in to the real estate market, where the competition among buyers has never been fiercer. And with homes selling for record highs,1 the appraisal process—historically a standard part of a home purchase—is receiving more attention than ever.   That’s because some sellers are finding out the... [read more]

How to Leverage Your Home Buying Power with a Basement Apartment

Wednesday Jun 16th, 2021

Let's talk Real Estate: How to leverage your home buying power

  The question is.... How can I leverage my home buying power with purchasing a home with a legal basement apartment? Today, Varan K, of I Connect Mortgages and Jennifer Foley Realtor & Real Estate Broker answer your home buying question around buying a home as a Single Family Residential (One Family home), What is Downpayment required, What is Household Income Required, & What is Monthly Mortgage Payment and alternatively buying a property with a 2nd unit /... [read more]

Could Rising Home Prices Impact Your Net Worth?

Friday Jun 11th, 2021


Could Rising Home Prices Impact Your Net Worth? Learn how to determine your current net worth and how an investment in real estate can help improve your bottom line. Among its many impacts, COVID-19 has had a pronounced effect on the housing market. Low home inventory and high buyer demand have driven home prices to an all-time high.1 This has given an unexpected financial boost to many homeowners during a challenging time. However, for some renters, rising home prices are making dreams... [read more]


Tuesday Apr 27th, 2021


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/b3fDNFLzH4I" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>   EP 3 - How to Sell your home FAST! 6 Tips to prepare your home for sale Today we will be talking about 6tips to prepare and sell your home fast, plus bonus tip(s)... [read more]

Upcoming Government Mortgage Qualifying Changes 2021 & How that will impact you as a Home Buyer

Tuesday Apr 20th, 2021


John Greenlee from the Mortgage Centre joins me, Jennifer Foley, Real Estate Broker, to talk to us about upcoming government changes to qualifying to purchase a home / get a mortgage. Canada’s banking regulator signalled in early April 2021 to tighten qualification rules for uninsured mortgages, this is related to low interest rates possibly putting new home buyers too far into debt. This move will effectively reduce, by about 4 per cent, the size of mortgages households will be... [read more]

What to do with your kids during a showing?

Friday Apr 16th, 2021

What to do with your kids during a showing

  MOMS OF REAL ESTATE: EP 2 What to do with your kids during showings? Selling your house and keeping your life under control while your house is up for sale, working from home, having kids at home - can be crazy and stressful in itself, this can be a juggling act for sure, like a three ring circus act . Today we are talking about a few ideas that we suggest to our clients when they've listed their homes for sale, have a showing or showings booked, working from home, have kids... [read more]

What's Happening in the Real Estate Housing Market-

Friday Apr 16th, 2021



Durham Region Housing Market Update January 2021

Wednesday Feb 10th, 2021

Durham Region Housing Update January 2021

  <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LmTbog1E6eg" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>     The Durham Region Association of Realtors reported an 11 % increase↑↑↑ in residential🏘🏘 transactions in Durham Region in the first month of 2021 📅 compared to... [read more]

Clarington & Oshawa Real Estate Weekly Market Update for 2021

Tuesday Jan 12th, 2021


Clarington & Oshawa Real Estate Market Update Episode 1for 2021   Clarington & Oshawa Real Estate Market Update Episode 2 for 2021 This past week, between Jan 3 - 10, 2021, we saw a smaller number of new listings in Clarington And a greater # of new listings in Oshawa. Durham Region has had a strong year with Real Estate Sales. In this video we dive into the number of new listings and the # of sales in Clarington & Oshawa.   Clarington week of Jan 3 to 10,... [read more]

Market Watch Infographic - Year in Review_2020 - GTA Housing Market (includes Durham Region)

Monday Jan 11th, 2021


  🔥The Stats are in!! 🔥 Withstanding an unprecedented year due to COVID-19🤒, including necessary public health restrictions😷 and uncertainty 🤷surrounding the economy, Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 🤓over 95,000 home🏠 sales in 2020📆. A steep COVID-induced 🤒drop-off in demand⤵️ during the spring, home sales rebounded 🤸‍♂️📈back to record levels throughout the summer and fall.  ⚡Highlights ⚡ from 2020... [read more]

New Year, New Home? Set Homeownership Goals Whether You’re Buying, Selling, or Staying Put

Sunday Jan 3rd, 2021


The start of a new year always compels people to take a fresh look at their goals, from health and career to relationships and finance. But with historically low mortgage rates, increased home sales and price growth, and a tight housing inventory, the time is right to also make some homeownership resolutions for 2021.   Home buyers, is this the year you work to improve your credit score, pay down some debt, or save for a down payment?   Home sellers, we’ve laid out... [read more]

Top 3 hottest neighbourhoods in Durham Region

Wednesday Dec 30th, 2020


      It's December 30, 2020 and Housing Demand in the Durham Real Estate Housing Market is currently outpacing supply, which we have noticed has had an impact on average home prices across the region.   Average Residential Sales Price in Durham Region is up 14% year over year. Based on stats, there are currently 1.1 month worth of supply, equalling a Sellers Market.   An influx of buyers from outside the Durham Region accounts for some... [read more]

RE/Max Fall Market Outlook for Fall 2020

Saturday Aug 22nd, 2020


In a recent report put out by RE/MAX, they are saying that RE/MAX Brokers and Agents across Canada are anticipating continued strong market activity through the remainder of 2020, with the average residential sale price in Canada expected to increase by 4.6%.   Canadians are showing greater interest in rural properties and suburban homes. The desire for more space for personal amenities, like a pool, big yard.   The report also indicates that Canadians... [read more]

Changes to CMHC Underwriting Criteria for Homeownership coming July 01, 2020

Tuesday Jun 9th, 2020


  CMHC Reviews Underwriting Criteria Effective July 1, the following changes will apply for new applications for homeowner transactional and portfolio mortgage insurance: Limiting the Gross/Total Debt Servicing (GDS/TDS) ratios to our standard requirements of 35/42; Establish minimum credit score of 680 for at least one borrower; and Non-traditional sources of down payment that increase indebtedness will no longer be treated as equity for insurance purposes. To further manage... [read more]


Wednesday Apr 1st, 2020


March 31, 2020   As many Canadians are facing questions surrounding their financial stability amid the COVID-19 crisis, I reached out to one of my Mortgage Brokers for clarification and information around Deferring Mortgage Payments, and Rising Mortgage Rates in light of the current pandemic.   On Today's Episode of the Jenn Foley Show, I have a special guest, Varan Karunanantham, Mortgage Agent with I Connect Mortgages. In this interview, he says there are things... [read more]

State of the Real Estate Market: Northumberland County - March 27 2020 3:30pm

Friday Mar 27th, 2020


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/FQeS4VEFu6M" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>   Hey Northumberland County. I want to share with you what's been happening in Northumberland County's Real Estate Market over the last three days. We have seen New listings continue to be activated And... [read more]

Clarington Real Estate Market Update: You will love this or hate this

Monday Mar 9th, 2020


  CLARINGTON REAL ESTATE MARKET UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2020  You may love or hate this, but the average price of a home in Clarington is on fire again. New numbers from the Durham region and Toronto real estate boards show the benchmark home price in Clarington at around 621,000 for last month. This is unbelievable. Home prices are up 9.25% from this time last year. And you might be asking yourself, what's going on here? Jennifer Foley: Well, I'm going to break it down for... [read more]

2020 Canadian Real Estate Market Forecast & Outlook

Thursday Jan 16th, 2020

2020 Market Outlook Report

  2020 Outlook: Real Estate Market Forecast After a two year slump, the future's looking bright again for Canadian real estate. Economists expect positive growth in the national housing market in 2020, supported by low mortgage rates, a solid job market, and a rising population. In fact, in a recent report, RBC Economics called 2019 a “turning point for Canada’s housing market.”1 To understand why—and where the market is headed—we take a closer look... [read more]

Real Estate Market Review for 2019 _Market Watch By The Numbers

Monday Jan 13th, 2020

Real Estate Market Review for 2019

Curious about the Real Estate Market?⁠ ⁠ 2019 rounded out to be a great year in the Real Estate Market.⁠ ⁠ According to stats provided by Toronto Real Estate Board Average Selling Price is up 11.9%% in December ⁠ ⁠ (Wow that's great news for home owners!!)⁠ ⁠ Annually that number is up 4%⁠ ⁠ Long Term Average Selling Price Trend is only going up from 2008 to 2019.⁠ ⁠ What are you waiting for?.... Invest in Real Estate Today.... [read more]

The Princess Ball - Brought to you by Cystic Fibrosis Durham

Friday Dec 20th, 2019


Super excited for the upcoming The Princess Ball Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis   The Princess Ball happening this Feb 9 2020 is a local event happening in Ajax, On    Find out what these princesses have to share about this upcoming event!    Christmas is only a few weeks away & The most important gift of all? Tickets to the Princess Ball! Give that special person in your life the chance to attend a magical afternoon, all in the name of... [read more]

Gifts an Gadgets for Every Room in the House

Wednesday Dec 11th, 2019


Gifts and Gadgets for Every Room in the House     Are you searching for new and innovative gift ideas this holiday season? If so, check out our list of the hottest home technology offerings. We’ve selected a few of our favourites for every room in the house.   These smart systems and devices add comfort, convenience, and a “cool factor” that will delight your friends and family.  So think about who you know that loves the latest... [read more]

5 Steps to Finding Your Next Home with Jennifer Foley, Broker, RE/Max Rouge River Realty Ltd Brokerage

Thursday Nov 14th, 2019


5 Steps to Finding Your Next Home Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, shopping for a new home can feel daunting. In fact, 56% of buyers said that “finding the right property” was the most difficult step in the home buying process.1 Buying a home is a significant commitment of both time and money. And a home purchase has the power to improve both your current quality of life and your future financial security, so the stakes are high. Follow these... [read more]

5 Step Strategy to Downsizing Your Home

Tuesday Oct 8th, 2019

5 Step Strategy to Downsizing Your Home

In our “bigger is better” culture, there’s an expectation that each home should be larger and grander than the last. But life changes like divorce, kids leaving for college, or even the simple act of growing older can prompt us to find a smaller home that better suits our shifting needs and lifestyle. Whatever your reasons are for downsizing, the process can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve outlined five steps to guide you on your journey. And in the end, we... [read more]

What does a Home Inspector do

Sunday Apr 7th, 2019

Hire a Home Inspector

        Having a home inspection is an important part of the process of buying a home.   Not only do you learn about key maintenance tips about your future home, you also learn about what things will require maintenance after you take possession of that home. Plus if there are any major defects in the home, the home inspector’s job is to discover those.   Upon completion of the home inspection the inspector will discuss his / her... [read more]

A Concert to Feed the Need in Durham

Thursday Dec 13th, 2018


A Concert To Feed The Need In Durham   Help Rotary Club of Bowmanville & Feed the Need in Durham feed our hungry neighbours!     Join Rotary Club of Bowmanville for a wonderful afternoon(@3pm) or evening(@7pm) concert featuring a fabulous line-up of award-winning musicians from across the Region all in support of Feed the Need in Durham!   Feed the Need in Durham is the only regional distribution hub for emergency food providers... [read more]

Ben Earle of Feed the Need in Durham speaks on A Concert to Feed the Need in Durham

Wednesday Dec 12th, 2018


A Concert to Feed the Need in Durham - Happening Dec 16 2018 - Video with Ben Earle Feed the Need in Durham and Jennifer Foley Realtor  - Hey there, Jennifer Foley, your local realtor and host of Live Love Clarington and I'm here with Ben, who's a representative from Feed the Need in Durham. Did I say that right? - Yep, you did. - All right, perfect. So, the Rotary Club of Bowmanville is hosting a event that's coming up on December the 16th, it's Feed the Need... [read more]

Summer Respite Program through Rotary Club of Bowmanville

Saturday Aug 25th, 2018


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/oJGDQMgnv9c" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>   Summer Respite Program through Rotary Club of Bowmanville    Summer Respite Care Program is one of the Rotary Club of Bowmanville’s signature programs.  Rotary Club of Bowmanville has had a long history supporting children with special... [read more]

Oronofest Street Festival August 2018

Saturday Aug 25th, 2018


  Oronofest Street Festival in Orono, On   Oronofest is an event for our village of Orono    It is created and organized by Orono's Community Collective.     The O.C.C. is comprised of citizens of Orono who love thieir community and looking to show it off.   Save the date! Saturday, August 25th 2018 from noon til 8pm.     Oronofest takes place downtown and is a celebration of all that is... [read more]

Pie in the Sky Kite Festival in Newcastle, On

Saturday Aug 25th, 2018


Pie in the Sky Kite Festival Excitement is coming to Newcastle August 18 & 19!! Diane Hamre Recreation Complex (formerly Newcastle District Recreation Complex) 1780 Rudell Rd, Newcastle, ON L1B 1G8 Pie in the Sky Kite Festival is a Free 2-day family festival that will have fun for all ages! Come to check out the professional kite fliers with their amazingly colourful and massive kites – some up to 100 feet long! Vendors – we’ve got those too – Craft, Local,... [read more]

Make the most of your Summer - Video

Wednesday May 30th, 2018


IF YOU PREFER TO READ: Jennifer Foley:    Hey Faeine. It's Jennifer. Faeine Grant:    Hey Jennifer. How's it going? Jennifer Foley:    Good, good. How are you doing? Faeine Grant:    Good, good. Nice to see you again on our What's Happening? Jennifer Foley:    Yeah. What's Happening Wednesday. Faeine Grant:    Yeah. Jennifer Foley:  ... [read more]

Who is driving demand in Real Estate with Recreational Properties? -Read more below

Wednesday May 16th, 2018


The latest RE/MAX Recreational Property Report is out, offering insight into buying activity and liveability factors.  Such as who is driving demand, top amenities, and more emerging trends in Canada's popular recreational markets. Re/Max Integra, Ontario-Atlantic Canada survey of RE/MAX Brokers and Agents found that in 91 per cent of Canadian recreational property markets examined, retirees were the key demographic driving activity. In contrast to last year’s... [read more]

A glimpse at the Durham Region Housing Market for April 2018-#whatshappeningwednesdays

Wednesday May 9th, 2018


Episode 2 What's Happening Wednesdays - May 09 2018_ What's Happening in the Housing Market in Durham Region (Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Bowmanville, Scugog and surrounding areas) with Jennifer Foley, Sales Rep, Remax Rouge River Realty Ltd Brokerage and Faeine Grant, Sales Representative Homelife Glenayre Realty Watch the full video here: http://bit.ly/2jMCpTU   Jennifer:    Hey there, Faeine. It's Jennifer here. Faeine:    Hey,... [read more]

A look at the Abbortsford BC housing market April 2018 #whatshappeningwednesdays

Wednesday May 2nd, 2018


Episode 1_May 01 2018_ What's Happening in the Housing Market in Abbortsford, BC with Jennifer Foley, Sales Rep, Remax Rouge River Realty Ltd Brokerage and Faeine Grant, Sales Representative Homelife Glenayre Realty Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/2KTu11d Jennifer Foley:     All right, here we go. It's Faeine and Jennifer show! Jennifer Foley:     West Canada, and East Canada. Jennifer Foley:     Faeine Grant, from BC,... [read more]

What's happening in Clarington_ An Interview with Clarington's Mayor Adrian Foster and Realtor Jennifer Foley

Tuesday Apr 24th, 2018


Jennifer Foley:     Hey guys. Jennifer Foley, your local realtor.  Today, we have an appointment to speak with Mayor Adrian Foster. Let's head inside.  Jennifer Foley:     I'm here to see the mayor.  Lindsay:            Just one moment, and I'll call ... You can go right up.  Jennifer Foley:     I am here with the honorable Mayor Adrian Foster, and what a pleasure. Thank you so... [read more]

Future 407, Future Go Station, Future Expansion are in Clarington's Near Future - Interview with MPP Granville Anderson

Tuesday Apr 24th, 2018


Jennifer Foley:     Hey there, Jennifer Foley, your local realtor and look who I'm here with today. I am here with Granville Anderson, the MPP for Durham. So everywhere you look Durham is growing, and right here in Clarington especially we're seeing huge growth. What kind of things can we expect to see in the near future? Granville A.:       Well in the near future it's a great, great time to be in Clarington. It's a great, great... [read more]

7 Ways to Give Yourself the Gift of Home By Nate Berkus

Saturday Mar 31st, 2018


"A space filled with objects that make us happy can remind us of where we've been, who we've loved and what our lives have been. It can also help us aspire for more. Here are a few ways to create a home that tells the story of who you truly are—and who you are on your way to being." - Nate Berkus Read more: http://www.oprah.com/home/nate-berkus-7-ways-to-give-yourself-the-gift-of-home/all#ixzz5BK3MdvWl [read more]

Buttertart Festival Bowmanville

Saturday Mar 3rd, 2018


  Bowmanville Buttertart Festival   Garnet B Rickards Rec Centre was the host location for this fantastic event that took place in March 2018 right here in Bowmanville, Ontario.    This event features local buttertart vendors sellling their best butter tarts and competing in TART-off Competition.    Watch the video.    https://www.facebook.com/BowmanvilleBTF/ [read more]

Home Decor Trends 2018

Friday Feb 23rd, 2018


Home Design Trends to Watch in 2018 We frequently get questions from clients who are taking on decorating and remodeling projects and want to ensure their dollars are invested wisely. Which looks will last for years to come, and which ones will feel dated quickly? What colors and styles are most popular among buyers in our area? How can I add the most value to my home? So we’ve rounded up some of the hottest trends in home design to help guide you through the process. Whether... [read more]


Friday Feb 16th, 2018


  Re/Max Integra Ontario Atlantic put out this report Feb 6 2018 regarding  ONTARIO’S TOP 6 HOUSING MARKETS: 2007-2017Despite so many challenges over the past 20-plus years (think tech meltdown, 9/11, SARS, the financial crisis of 2008 and the great recession of 2009), residential average price in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has continued to post consecutive growth. In the last decade alone, housing values in the GTA more than doubled, rising from $376,236 in 2007 to... [read more]

Why Real Estate Investing Makes (Dollars $$ And) Sense

Monday Oct 16th, 2017


Turn on the television or scroll through Facebook, and chances are you’ll see at least one advertisement for a group or “guru” who promises to teach you how to “get rich quick” through real estate investing. The truth is, much of what they’re selling are high-risk tactics that aren’t a good fit for the average investor. However, there is a way to make steady, predictable, low-risk income through real estate investing. In this blog post, we’ll... [read more]

Video of 341 Clarkson Rd, a beautiful property for nature and country lovers!

Tuesday Aug 22nd, 2017


  Watch the full video of the property, including drone footage here: 341 Clarkson Rd, Castleton, On For Sale $379,900 https://youtu.be/Pm45_hBr01o   What would you do with 9.85 acres, a pond, trails, and a completely private wooded property with a beautiful 1.5 storey home? Features a permanent haven in the woods, and a rare chance to live so close to nature and approximately only 1.5 hrs from Toronto. This 3 bedroom, two story cedar home is tucked... [read more]

July 2017 Issue of Homes And Land

Wednesday Jul 5th, 2017


Check out my Homes for Sale in Homes and Land of Durham Region.  http://www.homesandland.com/Digital-Magazine/2284-09-06-Homes___and___Land_of_Durham/#1 or visit my webpage online http://jennifer-foley.homesandland.com/ [read more]

Purple is the new 2017 color?

Friday Jun 30th, 2017


May 2017 2017 Home Design Trends http://jenniferfoley.info/ Also check out this video on You Tube with Debbie Miller, Owner of Newcastle Home Decor as we discuss Home Decor and Paint Color Trends 2017 https://youtu.be/B1CFgFiTtpI [read more]

Foreclosure v.s. Power of Sale

Tuesday Dec 27th, 2016


In the unfortunate circumstance that a homeowner is past-due on their monthly mortgage payments, they pave the way for a “foreclosure” on their property. In today’s market, banks and other lenders do not turn to foreclosure to take away the homes of homeowners who are in arrears. Instead, they perform a "Power of Sale" which is wholly different from a Foreclosure. What is a Foreclosure? Foreclosures are laborious, grueling, and costly to both the... [read more]

Are Buyers Avoiding Your Listing? Strategies to Revive A Stale Listing

Wednesday Dec 31st, 1969


It may seem like every listing sells the first weekend these days, but as the market begins to slow down, more sellers are facing the dilemma of an aging listing. If your listing has been on the market for a while, buyers naturally assume that there is something wrong with the home and avoid viewing the home. Fortunately, there are strategies to renew the listing and re-engage buyers’ interest.   If your listing is losing steam, the first step is to understand why. Typically,... [read more]

Modern Farmhouse Styles – The Trend Gets an Update

Wednesday Dec 31st, 1969


Farmhouse décor has been a trend for the last decade. The look combines functionality with a relaxed, lived-in feel. Pieces look slightly worn, rustic, and inviting. The ease of the farmhouse style is one of the reasons for its lingering appeal as designers look to modernize and update the look.   Modern Farmhouse style continues to emphasize a neutral color palette and sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood and used brick but adds more sophistication to the theme.... [read more]


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