Ben Earle of Feed the Need in Durham speaks on A Concert to Feed the Need in Durham

Wednesday Dec 12th, 2018


A Concert to Feed the Need in Durham - Happening Dec 16 2018 - Video with Ben Earle Feed the Need in Durham and Jennifer Foley Realtor 

- Hey there, Jennifer Foley, your local realtor and host of Live Love Clarington and I'm here with Ben, who's a representative from Feed the Need in Durham. Did I say that right?

- Yep, you did.

- All right, perfect. So, the Rotary Club of Bowmanville is hosting a event that's coming up on December the 16th, it's Feed the Need in Durham concert. Well, it's actually called a Concert to Feed the Need in Durham. So, that benefits everybody across Durham Region and I'm just gonna let Ben talk a little bit about the Feed the Need program and how this concert's gonna benefit.

- This concert is to help support our organization. We collect and distribute food on behalf of 62 emergency food providers across the entire region. 9 of them are in Clarington, some of our strongest members there. So, anything that you do to help. Buy tickets to the event, helps us get food to those organizations, and get food. For every dollar we have in funding, we're able to distribute $7 worth of food to the community, so we're able to leverage and really do great work with our partners and our member agencies.

- This is a wonderful event that's gonna help thousands and thousands of people across the Durham Region. This is what we do as Rotarians, we do good things. I think this is a great thing that we're doing. The musicians are all donating their time, the hosts are donating their time, and it's gonna be a wonderful event. Great music and a great way to help people, and help your neighbors.

- And at this time of year, there are so many families that really need our help and support. They do try and get Christmas gifts for their children, so we help out with the food end of things. And we really would like everybody to step up and help support this beautiful cause.

- And we've got these tickets to sell, and I've got a pile of them in my hand. We have 1100 tickets to sell for our concert to Feed the Need in Durham.

- We would really love to see you out to help support us as we respond to hunger in the community.

- So, buy tickets, we'll put the address in the link here and again, this helps support Feed the Need in Durham and it is put on through the Rotary Club of Bowmanville.

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