Make the most of your Summer - Video

Wednesday May 30th, 2018



Jennifer Foley:    Hey Faeine. It's Jennifer.

Faeine Grant:    Hey Jennifer. How's it going?

Jennifer Foley:    Good, good. How are you doing?

Faeine Grant:    Good, good. Nice to see you again on our What's Happening?

Jennifer Foley:    Yeah. What's Happening Wednesday.

Faeine Grant:    Yeah.

Jennifer Foley:    Well, you know, summer is quickly approaching and I can't wait.

Faeine Grant:    It is. Yes. I know. Finally.

Jennifer Foley:    Right? Longer days, more flexible work schedules means we get to stay up showing houses longer.

Faeine Grant:    Absolutely. We can fit a whole lot more in the day with the daylight.

Jennifer Foley:    Yeah and we can make life a little more relaxed during the summer, but you got to make the most of it, right?

Faeine Grant:    Definitely. Definitely.

Jennifer Foley:    I know for myself, some of the things I like to do is try to make weekends sacred. If I'm not working, I try to cut all the ties from work and email. Well, try is the word.

Faeine Grant:    I was going to say. Wow.

Jennifer Foley:    Try is the word. Try is the word. I think the key thing is to be present with your family when you are with them. So maybe we're not cutting full ties with our phone and our work and our email, but at least spend a couple of hours with our family and give them our intentional attention.

Faeine Grant:    For sure. For sure. Yeah. Definitely. Honestly, one thing that I've been thinking about too it's almost like taking a daycation or like a staycation. I know that I'm watching this other woman from my office. I'm watching her business a few times over the next couple months here and I was thinking, why not just have her watch my business? I don't necessarily have to go anywhere, but I can just forward my calls. She can have all my showings, et cetera, et cetera. And just work on my house, paint my house.

Jennifer Foley:    Or hire someone or spend the time, find somebody that can do it for you and take the true daycation.

Faeine Grant:    Yeah. That's true. That's true. You know what? It's kind of challenging though because I find it's really hard to just kind of check out even when I'm on vacation. I don't think I've taken a vacation since Mexico before my son was born. It took me about a week to check out and then actually start to take a vacation.

Jennifer Foley:    Yeah. Well, I think another really important thing would be to schedule special events.

Faeine Grant:    Yeah.

Jennifer Foley:    If you attend a local concert or a movie in your town or city. Going to local farmer's markets. I've been seeing on Facebook some local farmer's markets that have just opened up and I'm like super excited to take maybe Saturday morning and go and check out these farmer's markets and maybe do a little video while I'm there.

Faeine Grant:    Yes. That's a great idea.

Jennifer Foley:    Yeah. Yeah.

Faeine Grant:    Totally. Well, another thing too is especially being here in the Fraser Valley, there's so much in our backyard. There's rivers, there's camping, there's kayaking, there's water. There's so much to do. There's hiking. I think finding out what's available to you, what is in your backyard that's like-

Jennifer Foley:    Yeah and finding your inner child, right?

Faeine Grant:    Right and do all the things that we used to do when we were kids like go and ... Even if it's just for the day. Go and roast some marshmallows or go to Cultus Lake, all those kinds of things.

Jennifer Foley:    Well, I don't know where those places are but certainly they all sound awesome.

Faeine Grant:    They are.

Jennifer Foley:    Here in Clarington in Durham Region and Oshawa and all of those other great places that fall in Durham Region. Also in Northumberland. We have tons of camps and camping.

Faeine Grant:    Nice, nice.

Jennifer Foley:    Yeah, like not even 15 minutes from me, there's a provincial park.

Faeine Grant:    Beautiful.

Jennifer Foley:    Lots of great fishing, lots of great beaches, lots of really fun things to do. Right? But you know what? You can even, for a fraction of the cost, just pitch a tent in your backyard and have a family camping trip and have a little sort of picnic back there in your backyard.

Faeine Grant:    Absolutely.

Jennifer Foley:    And play yard games and plant a garden or some flowers.

Faeine Grant:    Definitely. Definitely. No, I agree with you 100%.

Jennifer Foley:    And be lazy. Right?

Faeine Grant:    Be lazy.

Jennifer Foley:    Yeah. Take time to relax your mind and body. A little yoga.

Faeine Grant:    Yeah, right?

Jennifer Foley:    Let's take a little moment as we wind down the call here and have a little moment of zen.

Faeine Grant:    Zen. Love it.

Jennifer Foley:    All right.

Faeine Grant:    Well, I hope you have an awesome summer.

Jennifer Foley:    You too. You too. All right. We'll talk to you next week.

Faeine Grant:    Sounds wonderful. Bye.

Jennifer Foley:    Bye.


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