Oronofest Street Festival August 2018

Saturday Aug 25th, 2018


Oronofest Street Festival in Orono, On
Oronofest is an event for our village of Orono 
It is created and organized by Orono's Community Collective.  
The O.C.C. is comprised of citizens of Orono who love thieir community and looking to show it off.
Save the date! Saturday, August 25th 2018 from noon til 8pm.  
Oronofest takes place downtown and is a celebration of all that is local.  
Oronofest is a street festival, artisan and farmers market all rolled into one event.
Number of vendors with a wide variety of products including; local fruit & veggies to meats and honey to name a few.  Other vendors will be showcasing handmade soaps, jewellery, arts & crafts and many unique treasures
Live music 
Food Trucks
Beer Tent featuring local brew by Manantler Craft Brewing Company
Entry to this event is FREE!  

Jennifer Foley:     Hey there, guys. It's Jennifer Foley, your local realtor, host of Live, Love, Clarington, today I'm here with Lori, who's part of the organization for Orono Fest happening here in downtown Orono this weekend in August.

Lori:               Yup.

Jennifer Foley:     What a great weekend you guys have. Great weather.

Lori of Oronofest:               Absolutely fantastic. Couldn't be better. The only thing we were hoping and pray for, good weather.

Jennifer Foley:     No rain.

Lori of Oronofest:               No rain. No rain.

Jennifer Foley:     The sun shining. The bands playing.

Lori:               Oh, it's fantastic. The beer garden's open. It could be better.

Jennifer Foley:     Yeah. The streets are full. There's tons of people here today.

Lori of Oronofest:               Yep. We've got the town full of artisans. We've got the streets full of café people. There's food. Something for everybody.

Jennifer Foley:     Yeah. Is this the first ever?

Lori of Oronofest:               Yes.

Jennifer Foley:     Orono Fest.

Lori of Oronofest:               Yes. This is our inaugural Orono Fest. Yep.

Jennifer Foley:     All right. Awesome. Let's take a minute and let's talk about how this all got started.

Lori of Oronofest:               Orono Fest was an idea that hatched out of the Orono Community Collective that was formed in the spring as a result of the bank and the liquor store closing. We are a group of local, passionate and concerned citizens about the vibrancy of Orono and everything it has to offer including our town lands, our local businesses, our craft people, our restaurants. We want to tell the world about Orono. It's a great place to visit, eat, live and have fun.

Jennifer Foley:     All right so, is this something that's going to be happening every year? Is it going to be a tradition for Orono? What's the plan?

Lori Oronofest:               Absolutely. This is the first one and next years going to be bigger and better. We have vendors that are just lining up to get in next year. We could not believe the response from the community, from the vendors. It's just been absolutely fantastic. It's going to be bigger and better next year.

Jennifer Foley:     Well that's amazing. 

Jennifer Foley:     All right guys. Come on down to downtown Orono. Orono Fest is happening today. They'd love to see you out. Help support your local community.

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