Summer Respite Program through Rotary Club of Bowmanville

Saturday Aug 25th, 2018


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Summer Respite Program through Rotary Club of Bowmanville 
Summer Respite Care Program is one of the Rotary Club of Bowmanville’s signature programs.  Rotary Club of Bowmanville has had a long history supporting children with special needs and their families.  Families with special needs children deserve some respite, especially during the summer months when children are not in school, the Bowmanville Rotary Club offers a Summer Respite Care Program that provides home care for children with special needs.
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Transcribed video:
Jennifer Foley Realtor: Hey there, Jennifer Foley, your local realtor and host at Live Love Clarington, and today I am with Lyle Goodin of the Bowmanville Rotary Club and Mackenzie Matthews, who's part of the summer respite program through Bowmanville Rotary Club
Lyle Goodin Rotary Club of Bowmanville:
and... - Canada Summer Jobs.
Jennifer Foley Realtor:- Excellent. - Hey guys, thanks so much for joining me today and giving us a little bit of information about this great program that's serving our wonderful community here in Clarington.
Lyle Goodin Rotary Club of Bowmanville:- My pleasure, thank you. It started as an initiative in 1998 through the community service committee. It involved one caregiver at that time and three families. It's grown since then to include five caregivers and 37 children in the program.
Jennifer Foley Realtor:- So, Lyle, where does all the funding come from for this particular program?
Lyle Goodin Rotary Club of Bowmanville:- The bulk of the funding comes from the Rotary Club of Bowmanville. But we also have substantial support from Canada Summer Jobs.
Jennifer Foley Realtor: - Excellent, excellent. So let's go ahead and talk to one of the respite workers and get a little idea of what they do on a daily basis.
Mackenzie Mathews Summer Respite Program Worker - My day can consist of going through different outings in the community, so I might go to Crockadoodle Paint Your Pottery, I might go to the movies, I might go to Neb's Fun World, and during those outings we're teaching life skills, we're doing different social skills and different ways to communicate. -
Jennifer Foley Realtor: Alright, so Mackenzie, tell me, what would be the age range of the children that you're supporting?
Mackenzie Matthews Summer Respite Program Worker- Our age range can be from... As youngest we've had a three year old, but that doesn't mean we aren't taking anyone earlier. And our oldest in the program is, I believe, 29. So we don't have an age range. We don't have an age gap. You're welcome to come in the program for as many years as you'd like. -
Jennifer Foley Realtor: Mackenzie, tell me, who benefits from this program?
Mackenzie Matthews Summer Respite Program Worker- I think everyone that's involved in the program benefits from it. So that can range from the caregivers to the children and the families. We're all gaining something in this experience. And all of us workers that are in the program certainly benefit from this experience.
Jennifer Foley Realtor:- Alright, thanks so much, Lyle. Thanks so much, Mackenzie. It's been great meeting with you and getting some information about this great program that serves the community.
Lyle Goodin Rotary Club of Bowmanville- Well, thank you. It's been my pleasure.
Mackenzie Matthews Summer Respite Program Worker- Thank you for having us.

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